Self-propelled Garage

Self-propelled Garage

Self-propelled vertical storage is a two-story or multi-story underground steel frame structure parking platform designed and installed in the open field. It is provided for self-propelled parking of vehicles (specific models need car elevators). Under the premise of function, the parking area can be increased by one time or more than the floor area. The main components of this equipment are factory processed, and the site is mainly installed and the construction is fast.

Product technical features:

   1. Realize multi-layer three-dimensional parking, double the number of parking spaces;

   2. Self-propelled parking of the vehicle, no mechanical transmission, no noise, no maintenance, and zero failure;

   3. The equipment has a long service life, and there are no restrictions on the types of parking vehicles;

   4. The main body of steel structure, beautiful appearance, can be three-dimensional greening, forming a landmark building;

   5. Compared with the concrete structure, the cost is low, which reduces the environmental pollution of the construction;

   6. Intelligent parking management system can be realized, saving labor cost.