Zoneyung talks about the establishment and development prospects of intelligent storage systems.

Editor:浙江中扬立库技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-07-16 
  1. Establishment: The establishment of an intelligent warehousing system requires the support of the Internet of Things. The modern warehousing system not only has complex items, different shapes, and different performances, but also complex operation processes, including storage and movement, both sorting and combination. Therefore, with warehousing as the main intelligent logistics center, the intelligent technologies often used include automatic control technology, intelligent robot palletizing technology, intelligent information management technology, mobile computing technology, data mining technology, etc. In the above situations, the application of the Internet of Things can be simplified, greatly increasing the efficiency of the entire logistics and distribution.

  2. Development prospects: The trend of modern logistics is network and intelligence. In manufacturing enterprises, modern warehousing and distribution centers are often integrated with the enterprise production system. As a part of the production system, the warehousing system plays an important role in the production management of the enterprise. Therefore, the development of warehousing technology is not separated from the company’s business, and integration with other links will help the development of the warehousing industry.