Why do Intelligent Stereoscopic warehouse

Editor:浙江中扬立库技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-07-24 

1. Save land

The intelligent three-dimensional warehouse greatly reduces the land use area and reduces the land cost. Compared with the ordinary warehouse, the general intelligent three-dimensional warehouse can save more than 40% of the land area.

2. Unmanned operation saves labor

Labor costs are increasing with the times, and the demographic dividend is fading in China. The intelligent storage equipment system realizes unmanned operation. Compared with ordinary warehouses, it can not only greatly save human resources, reduce labor costs, but also do better. Management.

3. Software management to avoid losses

The system uses a computer for storage management, which can record and monitor the data of incoming goods, and can easily achieve automatic inventory of first-in, first-out dull materials and reduce the error rate.

4. Synchronize the account to save money

The management system can synchronize the actual accounts and can be integrated with the company's intranet. The company only needs to establish a reasonable inventory to ensure the smooth production of the whole process, thereby greatly improving the company's cash flow and reducing unnecessary inventory.

5. Automatic control improves efficiency

The entry and exit of items in the system is controlled automatically by computer software, which can quickly and accurately transport the items to the designated location, reducing the waiting time for vehicles to be loaded and unloading, greatly improving the storage turnover efficiency of the warehouse, and reducing storage costs.

6. System management enhances image

The establishment of the system reflects the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. It is also the industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 that the country is promoting. It can not only improve the system management level of the enterprise, enhance the overall image of the enterprise and its position in the minds of customers, but also win more for the enterprise. The big market creates greater wealth for the company.