Advanced Production Technology

The fully automatic cold bending forming unit adopted by Zoneyung has the most advanced fully automatic cold forming technology in the world. Mainly used in the rolling of rack columns, beams, laminates and reinforcements. The technology has the following characteristics:

1. Advanced technology, using continuous roll material production, good appearance and high strength.

2. The length of the cut is precisely determined after cold bending, and the cutting rear end has a good flatness.

3. High precision, high punching and overall forming precision, which fully guarantees the final installation precision of the shelf.

4. High production efficiency. The average speed is 36 meters per minute, which meets production needs to the greatest extent.

5. High reliability, low equipment failure rate, stable performance and strong continuous production capacity.

Advanced Production Technology
Professional Mechanics Analysis

Professional Mechanics Analysis

The finite element method is an advanced numerical calculation method. With this method, the finite element model of the product can be established according to the actual geometric size, and the boundary conditions and various load conditions of the product can be accurately simulated. Our company strictly follows the (Steel Structure Design Specification" and other national industry standards, and applies the finite element method to the force analysis and optimization design of the product to ensure the safety and rationality of the structure.

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    Swiss Golden Horse full
    automatic coating production line

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    precision cold
    bending forming unit

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    Japan FANUC
    welding robot

High-end Production Equipment

Zoneyung has introduced a large number of FANUC welding robots from Japan to automatically complete the welding work according to the welding track set by the program. The welding products are of high quality and stable work, high production efficiency, and the appearance of the weld seam is smooth and full without welding slag.

The introduction of 4 Swiss GEMA electrostatic powder spraying production lines, the spraying quality is far better than other domestic assembly spraying equipment.

The entire spraying process is carried out automatically, which can automatically pickling, phosphating, and baking the surface of the components; the sprayed finished powder has excellent coloring, good gloss, uniform film thickness, and can be placed outdoors for a long time without fading; spraying During the process, the powder will not leave the box, it can be recycled and filtered and used again, with high utilization rate; it can meet the technological requirements of complex workpieces; the powder replacement speed is fast and the production efficiency is high.

  • High-end Production Equipment
  • High-end Production Equipment