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  1. Automated stereo sorting system
  2. Automated stereo sorting system
  3. Automated stereo sorting system
  4. Automated stereo sorting system
  5. Automated stereo sorting system

Automated stereo sorting system

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1.Increase space utilization 2. Raise the management level 3. Promote the progress of productivity ​

  1. Detailed information

1. The rack It is the steel structure that was used to store the goods Including welded shelves and combined rack.

2. Pallet (Container): Used for loading goods

3. Stacking Crane: The equipment could be access goods automatically According to the structure, it was divided into single column and double column. According to the service is divided into straight, curve and transfer car

4. Convey System: The import equipment of the automatic high-rise warehouse, in charge of transporting the goods to the stacker or remove the goods from the stacker. The Conveyor are various, the common including roller conveyor, chain conveyor, lifting platform, elevator, belt conveyor etc.

5. AGV System: Automatic car. According to the guide way is divided into inductive car and laser guidance

6. Automatic Control System, which could operate all the equipment’s of the automatic high-rise warehouse

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