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Rural electricity supplier logistics is a key

In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce in rural areas, has become the capital from various quarters have been optimistic about the new "air." Alibaba planning the next 3-5 years, the county operations center established 1000 and 100,000 village service station, Jingdong proposed at the end of this year its service coverage to 400,000 to 450,000 villages. Suning Tesco, followed by Lenovo, have launched a rural electricity supplier strategy. After 10 years, the Internet has experienced outbreaks like growth, rural electricity provider market has become a "promising field."

However, all is not imagine so beautiful. Experts believe that one of the constraints of the development of rural electricity provider biggest bottleneck - logistical problem has not been solved. Promoting rural electricity supplier really sink into, break the "last kilometer" problem lies in logistics.

In rural areas away from the city center, it has long practiced urban-rural dual system structure, so that the rural poor infrastructure, few outlets, many villages are still blind spots logistics. Many logistics companies to establish distribution points only in towns, compared to urban residents, the villagers were difficult to enjoy the convenience of home delivery and after-sales service. According to the State Post Bureau statistics show that last year the township's domestic express network coverage of 48%, nearly half the township nowhere courier.

Layout rural logistics network, not just the development of "Express" so simple. Rural logistics system behind reality fundamentally, or from the Distribution logistics system to start. To increase investment in related facilities to further improve the road network, to build multi-level integrated service platform, integrating a variety of resources, electricity, telecommunications, logistics enterprises, make full use of multi-service centers village and village information service stations, agricultural store and supermarkets, upgrade construction set of online buying and selling, training and guidance for the integration of the service stations. In addition, opening up new logistics model of development may well be an attempt to draw on the implementation of some parts of the country, "National Express + county giant logistics company" heating mode, to solve a certain extent, large logistics companies can not be "a pole in the end" embarrassing using county-level logistics company "capillaries" function, the goods to every household.

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