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Ali is developing "green logistics" industry standard or a benchmark?

With the growing prosperity of online shopping development, waste recycling problem courier gradually become a social problem. By 2015 China's express delivery business volume accounted for 20.6 billion last year alone on the consumption of bags 2.96 billion, 8.26 billion plastic bags, crates 9.9 billion, 16.95 billion m tape, cushion 2.97 billion - these packages almost no material recycling, plastic bags can not express degradation, resulting in substantial waste and pollution. Environmentalists can not help but appeal to solve the problem from the source of express logistics.

Recently, to solve this problem finally has some prospect. Ma said Alibaba Group helm, Ali is currently being developed "green logistics" standard. Also said "We are trying to launch a reusable environmentally safe plastic boxes, cardboard boxes gradually replace the courier after receipt buyer pick up the courier to recover the box, press the link flow returns shipping warehouse."

At the same time, the solution from Ali's logistics platform rookie network to "green logistics" specifically includes environmental protection courier box, environmentally friendly courier bags, green courier cars and other products. Rookie network platform currently runs 230 000 courier partners truck. Environmental Express car project is a new energy vehicles gradually replace the traditional trucks to reduce carbon emissions from the transport links, the fastest first put into use during the year.

Rookie network relevant responsible person said, green boxes in April will be the first trial in Shanghai, plans to promote the end of the rookie league "day of" covering 20 cities.

It is reported that Ma has repeatedly referred to accelerate the "green logistics" within the enterprise, as they expect the league to promote several major courier companies to address the packaging industry, "green" issues.

Many also pointed out that the current cost of online shopping package is mostly borne by the merchants themselves, whether the implementation of environmentally friendly packaging will bring higher costs? This rookie network official said, "packaging materials environmental protection will lead to rising costs, we hope to get support sellers and logistics partners, as they will have a special network inputs. Novice network alone do not fully 'green logistics' we will convince businesses and partners to do together. "

It is reported that due to the plastic green boxes can be reused, rising costs are not particularly obvious, the implementation of the most likely to face cost barriers will be environmentally friendly courier bags. Responded to this novice network also said, "We are working with government departments, trade associations, corporate research and production of biodegradable bags, it will break down naturally in the soil in a period of time, to avoid contamination - the cost of such bags is now plastic courier bags several times. "

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