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Role of logistics in regional economic development

With the continuous development of production technology, China's modern logistics industry not only to achieve a continuous expansion in scale, but also in terms of development speed and efficiency also it has been further improved and perfected, greatly promoted the economic development. As an important part of the logistics industry in the regional logistics industry, but also on regional economic development has played a certain role in promoting. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" clearly put forward through improving logistics infrastructure to the development of regional logistics center. In recent years, China's logistics industry was rising gross state Correspondingly, China has entered the field of logistics investment in fixed assets is also increasing rapidly.

The connotation and characteristics of regional logistics

Regional Logistics is an international logistics relative terms, mainly refers to logistics in a particular country or economic region, in the city. Studies from the logistics point of view, there are significant similarities between regional logistics and international logistics. But regional logistics development in the regional context, and thus with the regional economy are closely related. In fact, the regional logistics biggest feature is its regional character has. In the range of regionalization, the logistics can rely on infrastructure construction of railways, highways, waterways, aviation, transportation and other pipeline in the region, to ensure regional logistics from suppliers to the entity to accept flow, and ultimately the system high efficiency and total cost minimization. Obviously, it is because some of the facilities within the region given the logistical advantages in the region. And these advantages, the main reflected in the following four aspects:

Regional. Each region has its own distinct regional characteristics and regional situation, the reality that exists objectively also have their own regional logistics in the development process, the local regional characteristics. This difference between the regional logistics is also due to the uneven distribution of resources between regions of space caused by the so-called space resources are divided into two kinds of natural resources and social resources. Natural resources, mainly refers to the region itself has the nature such as land, marine and mineral resources; and with respect to natural resources, social resources, it refers to the social and cultural environment in the developing gradually, such as funding, cultural practices, labor, education and other resources. Each of these areas are given by the natural and cultural resources, consisting of, but it is due to the uneven distribution of the phenomenon of social and cultural resources, resulting in real life there is an equal amount of homogeneous phenomenon resources to varying degrees, so the construction and development of regional logistics will also exist diversity and difference.

Adaptability. The level of economic development of the region related to the nature of logistics development in the region. At the same time, the development of regional logistics can also contribute to the economic development of the regional business. Development of a region need to match the logistics industry be supported. From economic development point of view, China's economic development in central and western depend mainly on agriculture and industrial materials, and thus the main need is to rely on freight logistics services in the form of rail and waterway transport; and for eastern China and the Pearl River Delta region of the high-tech industrial and manufacturing sector, due to the convenient transport facilities in the area, it will have more alternative means of transport. In addition, these industries for higher demand for raw materials and products, therefore, for its regional logistics requirements are also higher.

Central. Development of a regional center of the city for the formation and development of the logistics industry in the region have a significant impact. In general, cities are often also the core of economic development in the region, most enterprises are often more willing to move closer to the center area, which also makes the city became an important manifestation of regional economic gathering in the form of corporations gathered space Clusters also brings logistics industry activities. That is to say, the economic center of the region is also often a logistics development center in the region. For example, in East China's logistics center in Shanghai, concentrated in southern China Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Wuhan in central China, southwest China Chengdu-based places. The development of regional logistics, in fact, it is a process central cities to the core region of four weeks sprawling. Central China Logistics Center is one typical example. In its development, Wuhan as the center, and then continue to the surrounding area radiation and extension.

Relative openness. Overall, there is a competition between both regional logistics and interdependent, both division have collaboration. It is also in such a mutual relationship among work together to build our entire logistics system. Since the regional economy has a certain consistency in terms of the social system, economic system, with its import and export between countries is not as taxes, tariffs and other obstacles, which makes the possibility of the local area has an open economy, but this is not open complete and absolute, but constrained by the spatial distance and transportation costs and other factors. In general, the larger the area, the lower the degree of openness, whereas small-scale area, its high degree of openness.

From economies of scale. Transportation logistics industry as the most important aspect of a direct impact on the realization of the logistics industry in economic benefits. And in terms of transportation, from the economy and also it has two basic characteristics of economies of scale. Logistics enterprises are the main regional logistics organizations, companies want to be competitive in the market, it must follow from the scale of development and economic principles, the regional development of logistics enterprises should also be the case that in order to be able to get more in a regional context as much as possible Great economic and development it is necessary to use the best mode of transport within the optimum distance range. At the same time, we should fully take into account the scale of logistics logistics transportation. This cost-effective realization of regional logistics also has a vital role, directly related to the cost of logistics and transport.

Role of Regional Logistics in Regional Economic Development

Regional logistics for regional economic development provides a fundamental guarantee. Economy is to a healthy and orderly development of the region, the region will need all sectors of economic activity can cooperate with each other, the division of labor and cooperation, so as to maximize the advantages of the industry within the region, and through coordination and cooperation, further can form small, medium and large business enterprises at different levels of development groups and contribute to the development of diverse forms of industry. And these forms, in its own production and supply and marketing process for its own needs is bound to generate a lot of logistics activities with other departments. Secondly, in today's open economic activity, development of any regional economic systems are inevitably affected by closely related to the external environment, which is the impact of what we call the region and between regions. Previously discussed the regional imbalance in its own natural conditions and social conditions of development. For between this demand, the region will generate a lot of logistics activities, which includes both raw materials and products, including the flow of information, capital, personnel and other aspects. In addition, government regulatory agencies as well as regional public service system, which will produce a large number of related flow of people, goods, money and other aspects of the performance of its functions in. It can be seen between the logistics played a role in regional economic ties, regional economic and social development of the flow of operations generated by the process, and consumer services, organization of production and resource allocation, and regional logistics activities are closely linked.

The development of modern logistics industry to promote regional industrial upgrading. For a society in transition, adjusting the industrial structure is an important task of social development. One of the goals of regional economic development but also to upgrade the industrial structure, and the development of modern logistics industry to promote industrial restructuring region. The industrial structure of a region refers to various types of industrial structure in the region as well as on the proportion of the amount of the quality of the relationship is formed. From the social progress and development, the development trend of industrial structure is the proportion of primary industry gradually declined, while the second, the tertiary industry has gradually increased industrial development and gradually shift from labor-intensive to knowledge and technology-intensive industries, industrial products manufacturing also developed from primary to senior direction.

Many factors further refinement of modern logistics industry and the emergence of science and technology and the growing social division of labor and other aspects are inseparable, in essence, is the third industry, as a service industry, modern logistics to maximize meet the balance between supply and demand, and to fully meet the enterprise's own production costs and profit needs. With the increasing diversification of interregional cooperation, the logistics industry also won the opportunity to flourish, which is not only conducive to upgrade our industrial structure, while the regional logistics industry in the development process driven by the system not just within the region industry, manufacturing, logistics and new technology industrial development, but also effectively stimulate the development of regional internal transport, storage and communications industries. Sound development of the logistics industry, will have a positive impact in the area of the company's corporate production, transport, distribution and trade and other activities, can effectively improve the efficiency of regional industrial production and business activities.

The formation of regional pillar industries, and improve regional competitiveness. From the logistics industry development trend of China's current situation, in many areas, especially in economically developed coastal eastern regions have built a lot of logistics park, logistics park called, is a professional logistics company in central location, the number of logistics enterprises, and various logistics enterprises should have a variety of logistics facilities, and provide different types of logistics services. Logistics enterprises within the park is not only a wide range of services, and also has extensive range of services. On the way to the logistics are often able to provide at least two or more of service. It is worth noting that the development of regional logistics park not only provides a wealth of logistics services for all types of regional economic activity, its own construction and development also economical, because its development is accompanied by financial, human and material resources, concentration of resources, and thus their own development will be able to promote local economic progress. Moreover, with the entry of more and more logistics enterprises, as a third party logistics not only in scale or in the performance have been greatly improved and development. These are the logistics pillar industry to promote the rapid formation provided the conditions. In Shanghai, for example, the city early in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" clearly states the overall objective of the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of Shanghai logistics development, and to develop concrete and feasible three specific measures to improve Shanghai as a modern status logistics center: First, to further speed up the deep-water port, Waigaoqiao, Pudong Airport and Northwest integrated logistics park construction and development, so as to further enhance the park functions; second is to focus on the development of chemical industrial zone logistics base, the international automobile City logistics base, steel and metallurgical products logistics base, logistics and port equipment manufacturing base in the four professional logistics base; the third is in the current building, based on further regional logistics base and distribution points rational distribution. According to the status of the city and within regions logistics development, and gradually formed a level of clarity, cohesion closely, and efficient operation of modern logistics new pattern. The need to increase the development of regional logistics infrastructure logistics park, which can greatly enhance the level of service and quality of the logistics industry. But also for the development of local enterprises to provide ample raw materials and material preparation, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of local enterprises.

Modern logistics industry will help to improve the investment environment to attract foreign investment. For foreign investment, the two basic elements of the first consideration is to facilitate traffic conditions and, secondly, the level of logistics facilities inspection. With the rapid development of production technology, modern logistics industry has also ushered in development opportunities, through the re-integration of various functions in development, not only greatly reduce the cost of transactions, but also gives the enterprise and industry within a region the location and layout of a more flexible choice, so many companies are no longer just around the origin of raw materials or consumer markets as the first choice for enterprise development in the face. This is not only conducive to the sound development of the pattern of the region to achieve, and good development of logistics services can also be effective in attracting foreign investment, provide good conditions for foreign investment in hardware.

Strengthening economic ties between regions. Regional logistics has become an important contact between regions, which can effectively reduce the cost of production outside the region, transport and trade, in addition, the development of regional logistics also can bring the lead in economic development of one or several regions up, promote the development of other regions by first developed in these areas, and ultimately to achieve balanced regional development.

From the point of view of economic relations between regions, inter-regional economic diffusion and agglomeration is its internal law of development of sports-related, the two have some consistency. In reality, the regional economic development, higher transport costs between the regions, which often lead to increased transaction costs and increase the difficulty of inter-regional trade, which to some extent, so that only the respective regional economic activity in many inside to complete. Through the development of regional logistics, it is possible to reduce transportation and production costs to some extent, in this case, the associated costs between regions, as well as external demand associated with economic effects have varying degrees of strengthening, which is conducive to the outer region Some manufacturers of enterprise, capital, labor and other resources to attract within the region, thereby forming a resource agglomeration of the region. And when this resource gathering reaches a certain level, coupled with the development of modern logistics industry in the region will be gradually developed into the economic center, and generating economic radiation effects, its impact will continue to extend to the surrounding area or the other, and gradually rise to some of the core economic gathering place, also contributed to the emergence of more regional economic growth centers, urban economic circle, with transportation and urban economic base, while the formation of a new network system development on this basis, so as to effectively implement the interregional balanced development.

Measures to promote the development of regional logistics and regional economic development

Close relationship between regional logistics and regional economic development, economic development that may produce trade, trade process, they need logistical support, it can be said that the economic development gave birth to the logistics industry and promote its development. The area is part of the logistics industry and regional economic development, which in addition to itself can produce economic benefits, it also able to improve operational efficiency of the production and circulation areas and enhance the economic efficiency in these areas. Thus, the interdependence between regional logistics and regional economic development, both mutual promotion and common development.

First, we must accelerate the construction of logistics infrastructure. This mainly includes two aspects: First, we must undertake a comprehensive transport infrastructure construction, should local roads, railways, waterways, air transport and other basic overall planning, focus on supporting sexual and bridging between different modes of transport, to achieve coordinated development of logistics and transport modes. During transportation planning organization, should give due consideration to the regional logistics center, the location of distribution centers and their surrounding road network, it can be on the priority traffic planning, logistics to enhance the carrying capacity of the region. The second is to the scientific planning and distribution logistics nodes, building logistics node system having transportation, storage, processing, distribution and other functions. Region should develop policies to encourage large-scale multi-functional logistics center construction, making intensive use of a variety of ways, and the use of advanced technology to complete the packaging, transportation, handling, processing, distribution and other sectors of goods, services and logistics functions rich . Logistics node system construction should also focus on the development of distribution centers, to ensure the realization of cargo terminal configuration, and improve network-based logistics system.

Secondly, we should actively develop the third party logistics. Local government can guide manufacturers and commercial enterprises of logistics outsourcing business, the release of the logistics market demand. In the past many companies or business enterprises are large and tend to adopt business model, self-organized logistics and transport logistics sector to meet the needs of the enterprise, this model is not conducive to highlight the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also limits the free development of the logistics market. At present, some enterprises reform under way in transition, focus on core business, while outsourcing the logistics business, to make it into the market demand, which is conducive to reduce operating costs, but also promoted the development of third-party logistics. When the companies will release more logistics market, third-party logistics should also continue to grow to meet market demand, such as the integration of small and medium logistics enterprises, to encourage large-scale logistics group development in the region, so as to play the typical role in driving the development of modern logistics . The introduction of foreign advanced logistics can enter local businesses, and actively absorb their advanced enterprise management experience and logistics technology, which can enhance the overall level of the logistics industry in the region.

Finally, to enhance the level of regional economic development, expand the scale of regional economic development. Economic development is the most fundamental driving force of the development of the logistics industry, so to really promote the development of regional logistics industry, we should focus on regional economic development. On the one hand, the development of industrial clusters has become a new growth pole of regional economic development, the region through tax policy, approval policies, fiscal policy to promote local industrial park construction, to attract enterprises to enter the formation of industrial clusters, resulting in the logistics cluster effect. On the other hand, speed up urban construction, agricultural industrialization, agriculture and logistics industry is connected to expand the coverage of the logistics industry, it can also be transferred to the rural surplus labor into the logistics industry to achieve win-win situation.


In recent years, our country's rapid development of the logistics industry, and has become an important part of national economic development. The development of modern logistics industry can be said to some extent depend on the level of economic development, at the same time, the development of the logistics industry also contributed to the economic progress. Development of the industry from a macro point of view, the development of the logistics industry is actually related to the various sectors of production, distribution and consumption, becoming social production as an integral part.

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