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Resolve issues that arise during Storage

1. Logistics Distribution

A receiving goods

After the goods from the warehouse out the library to check the goods received acceptance waybill problems:

Number 1. When goods do not Chuanhuo 2. 3. 4. The manifest does not match the quality of packaged goods lost 5

2. Solution: 1. the quantity of goods is not the solution (1) to check out the library list is correct (2) Find the handling process is missing (3) the implementation of responsible, there claims need to find those responsible.... (4) more cargo excess goods back into place, and indicate on the list

2. Chuanhuo solutions: (1) Find Chuanhuo reason to view the cargo space, is correct when out of storage. (2). Goods inventory, to identify the cargo on the list and marked to prevent wrong goods

3. The quality of packaging solutions: (1) minor damage inform the library staff and secondary packaging, and indicated on the documents. (2) For the serious damage appears less goods find the cause of the responsibilities to the relevant personnel.

4. The manifest does not match the solutions: (1) whether the goods carefully check the documents issued by the merchant. (2) whether the entry checklist picking mistakes, seems obsolete documents and then again as a single. (3) Whether Chuanhuo The library

5. Cargo loss solutions: (1) find the goods, confirm the loss of replenishment or compensation for economic losses (2) view the surveillance system, the implementation of responsible and hold accountable those responsible

II. Delivery

Delivery under the order when ready for delivery problems

1. waybill entry errors, destination, telephone inaccurate 2. lead to unreasonable empty loading rate, cargo damage rate is too high 3. The customer order changes, increase or decrease the quantity of goods 4. Delivery Vehicle cargo can not lead to the lack of preparation timely issue

2. Solution:

1. Input documents solution is (1) entry documents carefully, finished recording documents secondary inspection to check the documents (2) travel document entry rate assessment, the implementation of incentive mechanisms

2. loading unreasonable solution: (1) a reasonable handling goods pre-service training (no big pressure is small, light weight not pressure) 2 documents in strict accordance with the distribution of loading, invoices to ensure consistent.

3. The customer has Chargeback increase or decrease ment (1) with customers and business communication and consultation (2) increased by opening the documents for the goods, do our best to make the same batch of goods uniform distribution; Reduce the revocation of the goods of the current document open another document the excess goods warehouse storage; replacement of the revocation of the current document and re-open the distribution of documents

4. Distribution Vehicle ill-prepared solution is (1) reasonable arrangements for vehicles, delivery vehicles at bus system (2) prepared in advance according to the volume of the vehicle, to ensure that each vehicle fully loaded (3) Prepare the alternate vehicle

III. Transport

Goods in transit problems

1. unreasonable transport routes, not in accordance with company policy route transit vehicle damage 2. 3. 4. Overloading of shipping accidents, such as lost cargo, damaged goods, etc. 5. transit time delay


1. transport routes unreasonable solution: (1) strict implementation of the company transport routes, controlled by fuel costs costs.

2. Transport vehicle damage solutions: (1) to leave the alternate vehicle (2) periodic vehicle inspection, maintenance,

Maintenance (3) implement the responsibility system for vehicle

3. Overloading: (1) at the time of loading to avoid overloading, reasonable handling (2) transit traffic and avoid direct contacts (3) to control the speed, smooth operation

4. The lost cargo, damaged cargo solutions: (1) prior to departure closed container doors, door way to minimize parking (2) to control the speed, choose smooth pavement, reduce vehicle road bumps to reduce the breakage rate (3) choose abortion scarce parking at the door.

5. time delay transport solutions: (1) strict implementation of the company's transport limitations (2) occasional spot checks of transportation lines and aging (3) transit accident flexibility, and cargo security guarantor under the premise of not to delay transport limitations based

IV. Arrival

Cargo transport destination problems

1. The delayed arrival of damaged goods lost 2. 3. 4. Number of shortage 5. Cargo bad service not properly sign


1. The delayed arrival of solutions: (1) due to transit delays lead to an accident with the company should be promptly reported promptly notify the customer delayed arrival, apologize and explain why he wanted to understand. (2) because they did not follow the company line with late arrival, the transport time from time to time of sampling, the development system aging management assessment.

2. The loss of damaged goods solutions: (1) find the goods to find reasons for the loss of goods, such as transport links appear missing implement the relevant responsible person; if man missing goods responsible people bear the economic losses (2) for the recovery of severely damaged and a second delivery, responsible people bear the economic loss, damage is not serious repackaging be delivered. (4) communication and consultation with the client, who can not sign for the goods corresponding financial compensation.

3. Number of shortage solution: (1) to find reasons for the shortage of Delivery (2) Check the number of cargo warehouse goods (3) to check the customer's invoice and warehousing center of goods can not be found or replenishment compensation for economic losses, and to the responsible person (4) communicate and consult with customers to minimize the loss of customers

4. Service attitude solutions: (1) strengthening customer service training (2) the implementation of customer complaint rate of assessment reward system (3) regularly visit customers

5. The receipt of the goods can not be normal solutions (1) Contact the customer does not find the exact customer can not sign on to the Ministry of Information or consignor Contact Information determined to ensure accurate goods receipt. (2) I am not the customer's receipt of goods required to sign delegate ID card and sign for accurate registration (3) abnormal goods such as packaging, quality issues, in consultation with the client process (return, replacement or compensation), minimize economic losses

Fives. Fund settlement

The problem that appears:

1. freight settlement is not timely, such as home delivery of the goods the customer does not have enough cash to pay the freight; The settlement staff Shipment because things can not delay settlement of freight payment collection .2 not timely settlement, such as the customer does not have enough cash to pay the freight; income behalf of the collection staff did not timely settlement money to escape 4. 3. delivery personnel to return the collection of money can not be paid to the customer


1. Freight Billing is not timely: the customer does not have enough cash, call ahead to notify the customer the amount of freight ready cash before shipping; freight clearing personnel to strengthen the supervision and management of the implementation of evaluation mechanisms 2. Billing and receivables not timely: Delivery notify customers in advance when collecting money amount, ready cash before delivery; closed on behalf of the collection personnel to strengthen the supervision and evaluation 3. delivery personnel with money to escape: (1) select honest and trustworthy person and stay whichever delivery ID card and other relevant documents (2) the use of POS terminals settlement system, delivery personnel to avoid direct contact with the cash payment is not timely 4. the collection of money: the issuance of timely payment collection rate of assessment and timely payment of the customer satisfaction survey on behalf of receivables

2. storage areas

one. Storage of goods before inspection

The problem that appears

1. Goods badly damaged, not quantity, the product does not appear 2. 3. odor leakage of liquid products


1. Inspection and businesses need inspectors were present, the number does not appear damaged for merchants and inspectors need to fill in a detailed list of inspection, if there is no need to examine the list of businesses not signed inspectors bear.

2. When the goods handled by the smell of their own business needs, reject this product into the warehouse center

3. Cargo Solution liquid leakage occurs with goods like odor

II. Storage of goods

The problem that appears

No bar code label or storage 1. 2. 3. manifest weight of the goods does not match the string of code Chuanhuo 4. 5. 6. inbound shipments placing unreasonable storage of goods not timely 7. forklifts, pallet placed unreasonable , forklifts improper operation


1. No bar code or label storage: Normal operation flow of goods is carried out through the label and bar code storage, storage, or coding for not taken according to weight and supplier and product storage and barcode labels.

2. Cargo weight wrong solution: 1 Contact the business unpacking the product re-inspected. 2. by the merchants and shippers to contact, check the goods, if the goods need proper business signature recognition.

3. Manifest discrepancies: 1 Contact the merchant to check invoices and delivery driver 2. According to the bill of lading be checked whether the correct goods inventory 3. 4. merchants need to provide self-addressed business signature recognition.

4. String of code changing products: 1 Check the documentation string of code checking cargoes 2. To find goods, data modification system 3. Chuanhuo products for cargo search, correct the correct storage location of the goods. 4. If you do not know the string of code and changing products during storage in a database management which should be limited

5. Storage of goods placed unreasonable: 1. develop cargo emission standards, placing familiar place .2 cargo inspection after the work place, through radio frequency technology check their goods are correct. 3. Storage of timely access to their storage area goods check. 4. Inventory members from time to time inventory operations.

6. Storage of goods not timely: 1 ratio 2. timely supervision and inspection of storage truck full advantage of storage efficiency 3. Reduce operating areas, to improve storage efficiency (for example: the introduction of bulk storage, warehousing for storage)

7. forklift pallet placed unreasonable: 1 forklift driver into condemnation 2. 3. Storage Area Manager for verification of whether the goods properly arrange the tray 4. forklift driver training when the driver put the truck cargo

three. Warehouse storage

The problem that appears:

1. Goods damaged, decay, three anti-odor 2. (fire, moisture, anti-theft) health measures shall not be deemed unreasonable 4. 3. warehouse storage of goods shall not be deemed unreasonable 5. The extended product handling


1. goods damaged, decay, the smell of the goods promptly notify businesses, broken repackaging, rot and smell and business negotiation process

2. Improper three strong preventive measures and training measures to manage three anti

3. Health unreasonable warehouse implementation 6s management, finishing every day, straighten, clean

4. cargo storage unreasonable: 1. inventory from time to time, check the cargo and documentation .2 entering the warehouse during storage of the cargo manifest of the goods be checked .3 use of radio frequency technology for inspection of cargo space...

5. Treatment of extended product shall not be treated: a periodic inventory of products for ultra-looking inventory records extended, promptly notify the manufacturer .2 extended product does not timely treatment, storage personnel assume responsibility.

IV. Library

problem appear

1. library 2. goods and commodities information does not match the goods out of the library without barcode label or packaging of goods damaged 3. 4. 5. Chuanhuo string of code does not match the manifest 6. The library is not the whole specification of goods 7. outbound cargo transfer 8 pins low efficiency 9. the library does not match the weight of the goods out of the library


1. goods out of the library and information discrepancies: 1 Check the information storage and merchant shipping information is consistent

2. check storage information is correct

2. goods out of the library without barcode or tag: Goods normal operating process is carried out by the library labels and bar codes, coding for not taking a library bar code and label or make a library according to weight and supplier and product.

3. The packaging of goods damaged: 1. Packaging not severely damaged secondary packaging, and indicate 2. curators and business contacts in the document, severe damage to businesses agree out of the library, curators and businesses indicate breakage and sign

4. The manifest does not match: 1 Contact the merchant to check invoices and delivery driver 2. According to the bill of lading be checked whether the correct goods inventory 3. 4. merchants need to provide self-addressed business signature recognition.

5. Chuanhuo string of code: 1 cargo checking documents to check the goods 2. string of code to find the goods, data modification system.

6. The specification of goods is not the whole library: 1. Operation 2. platter batch operation

7. The transfer of goods out of the library is unclear: a library when the transfer of goods and persons receiving goods packaging,

Quantity verified and signed by both parties confirm 2. transfer cargo can not find workers with the department heads

3. Information and businesses the quality of the refusal of the library

8. The library inefficient: 1 to take the bulk of the library 2. establish reasonable procedures to reduce the library link library 3. take full advantage of the truck maneuverability 4. Develop a library assessment rate mechanism

9. outbound cargo weight discrepancy: 1. Contact the business unpacking the product re-inspected. 2. by the merchants and shippers to contact, check the goods, if the goods need proper business signature recognition.

Fives. Warehousing and distribution

Problems in delivery and distribution staff 1. 2. handover unclear distribution of goods not timely inventory 3. Goods badly damaged


1. The transfer of personnel and distribution unclear: 1. The two sides re-check the documents relating to the goods 2. delivery personnel must be signed out of the library without abnormal normal distribution

2. The distribution of goods is not timely: 1 delivery time due to delays in the transfer process, the responsible person assessment 2. Reduce warehousing and distribution transfer links, improve work efficiency

3. The inventory of goods in serious damage: the development of cargo handling regulations, no big pressure is small, light weight not pressure, the Food and easily isolate contaminated items.

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