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Logistics handling of classified What are the main?

Handling is an auxiliary working with transport and storage occurs. Because transportation can produce spatial effects, storage time effect can be generated, while handling itself does not create any value. From production to consumption of the entire distribution process, to multiple handling and transport, and whether the goods transportation, storage, storage, or distribution of goods, packaging, processing and so need loading and unloading operations. So you can see the whole logistics activities, handling the proportion of how much. Therefore, the level of efficiency of loading and unloading, loading and unloading their quality, handling costs and small, are closely related to the whole logistics activities.

It can be said that an important issue is handling the logistics rationalization rationalization, improving loading and unloading is to accelerate the turnover of travel, improve work efficiency, reduce capital occupation, to simplify packaging and reduce cargo damage important operational means, to improve the overall efficiency of logistics has a significant role.

And there are many types of loading and unloading:

(A) according to the type of product form can be divided into:

1, according to the facility:

(1) own logistics facilities and material handling in shipment, factories and facilities for the purchase, own warehouses, distribution centers and other goods in.

(2) public logistics facilities in railway stations, ports, airports, warehouse handling, loading and unloading station were called, harbor handling, airport handling, warehouse loading and unloading.

2, according to the transport equipment: truck loading, truck loading and unloading, ship loading and unloading, loading and unloading aircraft.

3, according to the commodity form:

(1) individual items in boxes, bags and other packaging form for loading and unloading, or the length, width, stupid, handling heavy product.

Handling (2) loading and unloading pallets, containers and other containerized goods using the device name or names preceded by a collection of packaging.

(3) on the massive, granular, powdered or liquid and other items taken out of storage and installed directly to the loading and unloading transport equipment, goods handling equipment or storage device.

4, divided by handling machinery: conveyor handling, crane, forklift loading and unloading, loading and unloading of various loaders.

(B) the loading and unloading of the type:

Handling and transportation equipment can be divided into the corresponding "put, remove handling" and safekeeping and storage facilities "inbound, outbound handling" two categories. These two types of loading and unloading of goods were accompanied by "stacking, unstacking," "sorting, picking," "conveyance, transfer," three basic types of loading and unloading operations, these jobs due to the different movements and handling machinery, followed the emergence of different operating methods.

1, stacked job

It is the product from the pre-placed place, move to a specific location or warehouse merchandise transportation equipment like stationary equipment trucks and the like, then the requirements of the job placement of products.

2, unstacking job

Reverse stacking job is a job.

3, sorting jobs

In the stacking, unstacking before and after the job or the job before distribution operations occur, the product according to species, out of order, goods flow classification (sorting classification), and then were placed in a predetermined position of the job.

4, picking jobs

Is to the job before the job of loading trucks and other transportation equipment and warehouses and other storage facilities from the former library loading occurs, the product is from a locked position, according to Variety, the next job type, object class delivery (picking classification) of the unstacking conducted stacking operations. This work is divided into the sorting operation picked, according to the provisions of classification together with a certain volume of work and move to the end of the sorting places, were sent to the location specified job categories.

5, transport operations

In order to perform the above operation is occurring, move jobs to the primary purpose of these jobs. Including horizontal transport, re-direct, material conveying line and submitted several combinations.

6, the transfer operation

Is the product conveyor transport operations.

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